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PENANG's Famous Landmark  - Kek-Lok-Si  Temple 

Kek-lok-si temple is located in air itam, penang Construction began at the hill slopes in 1890. The 7-storey, handcrafted "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas" was completed in 1930 and considered as Penang's most beautiful architectural wonders featuring cultures of China, Thailand and Burma. Climb to the top level and be rewarded with cooling breeze. Drop a coin in the donation box and ring the huge bell. Walk around and smell the incense. Admire the architecture and intricate carvings.  Buy some 'kang kung' vegetables from the stall to feed the numerous number of tortoises at the Liberation pond.  Some locals due to religious sentiments, practise releasing tortoises for them to lead a free life.

The hill temple is Penang's famous historical landmark located in the small town distrist of Air Itam . A bronze statue of  Kuan-Yin (Goddess Of Mercy), 30.2 metre in height, was initially built and completed in 2002. Reconstruction work is in the progress of restructuring the statue, after being exposed to rain and sunshine all these years in the open without shelter. Reconstruction work is expected to complete by 2013 year end.

Daily Opening Hours : 9.00 am  -  6.00 pm


Every year during Chinese New Year festive celebration, the temple will be brightly lighted with decorative bulbs and colourful lanterns throughout the lunar month.

PENANG -  Air Itam Dam

Located on low hill area next to Penang Hill, was opened in 1962. Here you can get panoramic view of George Town and surroundings. Road is accessible by car or trekking.

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