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Mainland penang is known as province wellesley
Penang mainland part, named Province Wellesley, is a strip of land across the island situated in peninsula Malaysia. The land area is much larger than Penang island, about 760 sq km area size. Rice and palm oil are the main agricultural products here. It takes about 15 minutes to cross over from Penang island to the mainland, whether by
ferry or by driving through Penang Bridge. It's also the departure point should you wish to travel to other parts of peninsula Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand, by tourist bus or train.


Penang Ferry

The ferry service began operation in 1920 and was the only means for crossing over to the mailand before construction and completion of Penang Bridge , carrying both passengers and vehicles. The departure and arrival time takes about 20 minutes, while waiting time for vehicles will depend more on the volume of traffic. Passengers on foot will unlikely encounter long waiting time as the vast space on the upper deck can usually accommodate most of the passengers on arrival at the ferry terminal.

 Penang Bird Park
A park housing more than 300 bird species from different parts of the world. Waterfalls, natural ponds and a rich diversity of flora and fauna are the roaming grounds of pelicans, flamingos, swans, storks, mandarin ducks and other birds.   Opening Hours: 9.00 am - 6.30 pm

Auto City Juru

A prominent lifestyle venue with vast array of restaurants, niche market at night, automobile showhouse and venue for regular festivals and events. A free WIFI hotspot centre for leisure, social meetings and entertainments, day and night.



St Anne's Church

Built as a small chapel in 1846 and expanded to a larger church in 2002 to accommodate growing number of pilgrims. The stained glass set featuring St. Anne and a set of three bells from France were installed at the old church in 1896. The three bells were dismantled during the Japanese occupation period, and only one of them were recovered. Every year in July, St Anne's Feast is celebrated grandly by all walks of life, with candle lighting procession.


Swiftlet Nesting Farms

Buildings with the interior being structured to create a living environment similar to the natural habitat of swiftlets,
luring swiftlets to make their new nest there. Sounds of swiftlets playing and mating are continuously played and heard through numerous speakers to lure as many swiftlets as possible. Swarms of flying swiftlets, like black clouds, can be seen flying in and out of the man-made bird house in the late evening after sunset.


Firefly Sanctuary, Nibong Tebal

Rare enchanting sight of fireflies along the Sungai Kerian river bank with a morning or sunset cruise.
On rainy days and full moon nights there won't be much flies to see, so plan before going.
Other exotic activities include octopus catching, bat cave exploration and visiting sea cage farm.
Fresh sumptuous seafood dinner can be arranged at the fishing village near by.


Taman Rimba Bukit Panchor

A popular camping site under green canopy. Attractions are the bat caves.

Rice Fields

Stretched out in the northern part of mainland Province Wellesley.  Driving to this part of the mainland, you may still be able to see kampung type of houses  built nearby the padi fields.  Traditional lifestyle still exist in this areas, particularly among the senior Malays.



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