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Penang went through more than 2 centuries of transformation, beginning from British rule until Malaya was granted independence in 1957.  The rich collection and conservation of  impressive historic buildings in various ethnic designs have helped GEORGETOWN achieve today's status of  UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Site on 7th July 2008.


GEORGETOWN HERITAGE FESTIVAL was then initiated for a month-long celebration every year to promote and raise more public awareness in Penang's heritage and culture after being gaining the prestigious award as UNESCO's World Heritage site.

georgetown unesco world heritage site buildings,penang The architectural designs of the historical buildings represented early cultural heritage of the Chinese, Indians, Malays, Arabs, Achehnese, Armenians, Buginese, Burmese, Javanese, Japanese, Minangkabaus, Siamese, Sinhalese, Europeans and the Eurasians.  There historical buildings conserved styles of Anglo Indian  Sino-Anglo, Indo-Malay Palladian, Neo-classical, Art Deco and transformation from early modern styles to late modern styles. 

Religious buildings were built  along the streets Georgetown as every ethnic group would need a place for worship or gatherings.  The buildings include various clan association house, Indian and Chinese temples, Muslim Mosques and churches.  The location chosen for each religious building would probably be near the place where majority of the related ethnic group stays.


'GeorgeTown World Heritage Incorporated' was formed with the responsibility for management, monitoring and enforcement of works related to heritage with cooperation and support from the state and federal government.

The office is also located at a Heritage building, at No.116 & 118 Lebuh Acheh, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.

For Enquiry Call Telephone No: 04-261 6606  ;  Fax : 04-262 6605


For effective management and monitor of Georgetown Heritage buildings, the heritage site has now been classified under 2 zones.  The Core Zone, area size of 109.38 hectare, is the confirmed UNESCO Heritage Site while the Buffer Zone (150.04 hectare) a protected zone not yet under Heritage status.


To fully understand and see a clearer picture of the site, you would need to get a map of Georgetown Heritage Site,

The map is very informative and can be obtained free at the airport upon your arrival or from 'GeorgeTown World Heritage Incorporated' building at Lebuh Acheh, in town.


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