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Penang Attractions - Taman Metropolitan Awan Relau


Penang Travel Tips - Taman Metropolitan Awan Relau 


Taman Metropolitan park is an agro-tourism site located within the vicinity of Lebuh Relau 3, in the district of Relau, Bayan Lepas. During the durian season, around May to August months, durians can be seen hanging from the durian trees in the estate nearby. Entrance to the durian estate is closed during the peak period due the danger of the durian fruits falling off from the trees. Rubber trees are also seen along the path of the estate where latex (fluid rubber) can be seen dripping into the container awaiting collection after being tapped.





Many retired citizens and housewives come from the nearby housing estates to gather here in groups for exercise every morning. Some preferred to go jogging or trekking along the undulating low slopes while most of the more senior groups will participate in line dancing and tai-chi. The groups that come this park in the evening and weekends come from working adults and youngsters. The more active and strenuous aerobic exercise is usually performed in the evening after work. Small kids really have a fine time at the playground area while their parents are busily engaged in exercise activities or chit-chat with their friends. Gym equipments are also available in many locations to cater for those who wish to go for sweating or body building.


Taman Metropolitan Park is definitely an ideal place for morning and evening exercise where the air is unpolluted and fresh in healthy green environment. 

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