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PENANG - Major Places Of Attraction In  The Southern Region


Balik Pulau

"Balik Pulau", literally means the other side of the island when translated in Malay language. The place is located on higher ground levels surrounded by hills, bordered by the coastline on the western side. When going on a round island trip, watch out for road signs which will lead you to this part of Penang, famous among durians lovers.

Taman metropolitan an agro-tourism site in relau

Taman Metropolitan Awan Relau

An agro-tourism site where there is playground for children and tracks for jogging. Retired folks spent their early morning time doing exercise in the park here, participating in line dancing, tai-chi and meditation. During

the durian season, around May to August months, durians can be seen hanging from the durian trees in the estate nearby.



Bukit Jambul Country Club (Golf Course )

A 18-hole world-class golf course in scenic surroundings for golf enthusiast.


Snake Temple

Built in 1850, dedicated to a legendary priest with healing powers and who had provided shelter to shield snakes from danger in the olden days. And since then, it remained as legend that those snakes stayed on for safety until today.


Batu Maung Fishing Village

A fishing village in the southern tip of Penang island. There was a legend that a giant footprint on a rock boulder at beach was left behind by Admiral Cheng Ho, and has now become a tourist attraction site.


Penang War Museum 

The War Museum was built by the British army to protect the island from enemies attack in the 1930's.  Today the place remained as a war memorial with old war relics and depicts the lifestyle of soldiers during World War II. Visitors can get the experience of a soldier's perspective as he narrates the dangers and challenges of war.  Cannons, armaments, and survival kits are displayed .


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